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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Vehicle Locksmith Service

1. Security is the pivotal aspect while choosing a safety solution. They provide computerized security thus losing the bunch of metal tools is not on the scene, and you can be relaxed without the constant worries regarding car security

2. Remember after sending the item to servicing or repair; you can be relaxed as they will never tamper your vehicle and you can change them instantly to secure your possession from any theft.

3. Apparently, the security patterns of your garage door can protect your valuable four wheeler but if you have opted for a Vehicle locksmith service then even on the road your possession will be safe because decoding the pattern and steal your car will nearly be impossible for the thieves.

If you are eager to know more about the approach then placing a keen eye on the internet and finding out some portals that provide car solutions can be a great help. There are certain amounts of sites that give ample amount of information to give you the details about the pros and cons of the security approach. Delve into the details and explore the essential things.

Difference between professional and unprofessional safety solution

Earlier you may have given effort manually to open the car door when it gets trapped. At times, you may have used a hanger by unknotting the closed ends and have turned it into a tool, or you may have brought a piece of wire to accomplish the operation, but this is quite impractical, and improper approach towards opening the car door as that may cause a right amount of expense in repairing the security system for further use.

If you are into the heart of a city then you can be relaxed as the emergency safety solutions are available plenty in numbers and with your single call, they will be just before you to assist in case you are trapped inside the car or have lost the keys. Their efficiency is inimitable. So it will not be exaggerating to say that give them a few minutes and they will bring the panic-stricken situation under their control.

Use Push Button Start

Step 1: If your vehicle has an automatic transmission, in order to start the engine, shift your vehicle into the Park or Neutral position. In case of a manual transmission, shift the vehicle into neutral.

Step 2: Press down on the brake pedal.

Step 3: Press the push button start until a green indicator light turns on. Let the engine idle for about 10-20 seconds after starting.

Stopping the Engine

Step 1: To stop/kill the engine, shift the automatic transmission back into Park or neutral. For a vehicle with manual transmission, shift into neutral.

Step 2: Firmly push the ‘push button start’ to turn off the vehicle’s engine. The indicator light turns off, telling the driver that the engine has been shut off.

How to start the engine with a dead key fob battery

Step 1: Take the remote/fob in your hand and place it on the sensing area on the vehicle’s windshield. There is a passive sensor chip inside the remote/fob and the car will automatically unlock.

Step 2: For an automatic transmission, shift your vehicle into the Park or Neutral position. In case of a manual transmission shift the vehicle into neutral.

Step 3: Press the brake pedal, for an automatic transmission. In case of a manual transmission, shift the vehicle into neutral mode.

Step 4: Press the Start/Stop engine (push button start) to start the engine.

Useful tips:

  • To reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, when you park your vehicle in enclosed spaces, make sure your car’s engine is off before getting out of your car.
  • In case of a manual transmission, make sure your vehicle is shifted into neutral.
  • If your car has an automatic transmission, shift your vehicle into the Park or Neutral position.

Vehicle’s Cooling System


Check the exterior of the radiator for leaks and corrosion, damaged tubes and clogged fins. Also, inspect head gasket regularly. You can identify blown out head gasket with signs of oily deposits inside the fill neck of radiator.

Radiator pressure cap test

The radiator caps are a critical part of the cooling system and are prone to fatigue and wear, and this may lead to loss of pressure control. Therefore, check the radiator pressure cap for the recommended system pressure level at regular intervals.

Check thermostat if it is properly opening and closing

The thermostat controls the amount of coolant being released into the engine. It should open and allow coolant to pass once the engine is adequately heated. Sometimes thermostats can wear and they remain closed. A thermostat that is stuck in the closed position will result in poor circulation of coolant and this leads to overheating of the engine. It is important that the thermostat opens and closes to regulate the engine coolant temperature.

Pressure test to identify external leaks

You also need to check and identify any external leaks and damages to any of the components of the cooling system that include the water pump, radiator, engine coolant passages, heater hoses and heater core. If you suspect there is a problem with any of the components, replace it.

Internal leak test

When you find an internal leak in the cooling system, do an internal leak test by using a pressure tester to check if there is any combustion gas leakage. It is safe to perform a leak check when the vehicle is cold and the engine is switched off.

Techniques to Driving in Rain

pace, while coping with the probability of heavier traffic.

2. The headlights need to be turned on, even in light rain, to see and be seen.

3. Front and rear defoggers must be kept on to keep the windows clear.

4. The crash avoidance space must be increased.

5. It takes longer to stop in the rain, so the pace should be slower than it normally is.

6. Brakes must be applied earlier and with lesser force. The stopping distance between you and your car is thus increased, signaling the car driving behind you to actually slow down.

7. Drivers need to have a sharp lookout in regards to pedestrians. Rain is that time of the year when even the most attentive people can lose their attention span. Distraction to ordinary people can come out of sudden opening of an umbrella. Rushing out of the way to get wet, it is usually harder for people to hear the sound of your approach over the sound of the rain.

8. If the rains are stopping you, from looking at the car or road in front, and in case you are feeling too anxious, make sure you pull over and wait till the rain is down.